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A selection of horse oil paintings and pastel horse portraits. Commissioned Pastel Portraits. Horse paintings  for sale. 

Horse Portraits and Paintings


There are many occasions where a pastel portrait of your horse would be a fabulous and unique purchase. I have painted horse portraits for Birthdays gifts, Christmas gifts, Weddings gifts, and as tribute to a dearly loved and lost pets, or just simply as a gift from loving horse owners and enthusiasts to themselves! In fact you don't really even need a reason to have your equine friend's handsome face immortalised in an artwork – just treat yourself! 


I have happy and satisfied clients who have come back again and again many times over the years for me to paint their recently passed away pet and/or their latest beloved horse. They have searched me down for horse portraits when I have moved house, and even when I got married and changed name! That gives me great pride in myself and my art. They know I pride myself on getting a very good likeness of the looks, character and spirit of their horse. I've owned horses over the years and specialised and competed in dressage so I understand the anatomy of horses well, because it is such an important element for the good going of a horse. My favourite equine subject to paint is dressage horses and riders, as you will see from my Equine Art for sale there are plenty of dressage paintings. But over the years I have painted many different disciplines - showjumpers, show horses, event horses, happy hack horses, retired and companions, and of course posthumous portraits of sadly passed horses. 


I've painted single horse portraits, to 4 or more horse portraits in one painting. I've been commissioned to paint multiple horses (and dogs) in one painting for a stationery company. Sometimes I've painted two of the same horse painting so that 2 people can have the same painting, this is quite a popular occurence for sharers/loaners of horses. Of course as I am not a photorealism painter they are not identical, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. 


I can put 2 or more horses together in a portrait from different photographs although this will cost extra due to the work needed to create an initial composition sketch for your approval. 


For commissioned horse portraits I always paint in pastels because they are more time efficient, there is no drying time and no varnish is needed. This means that they are at least a half of the price of an dog oil painting. I can get them framed for you if required but you will need to collect from either myself of my framer as I cannot send glass in the post due to insurance issues with couriers. I usually sent them unframed so you can choose a frame to suit your own taste. 


My method of painting is pretty much freehand, as I know horses characteristics so very well after years of painting different breeds, colours and horse that perform different disciplines. Knowing the anatomy means proportions and positioning of eyes and ears etc are correct. So I start by sketching the horse onto the paper then I move on to straight on to the eyes. As you will know you can really see a horse's soul through it's eyes, they are so gentle and expressive and as we all know when they see us arrive in the yard waiting for their feed - eyes fixated on us and vocalising (and sometimes impatiently pawing at the floor or door!) 


Once I have done the eyes I start on the horse's head and shoulders/body. I am usually inspired by the background in the photograph of the horse that you supply, if required I can leave the background plain using just the Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper colour. I always start by blocking in the dark tones, in much the same way as an oil underpainting, and gradually keep working over the whole portrait graduating up to the light tones. I finish with the highlights and fine hairs and whiskers. You can see a start to finish horse portrait here. 


I also paint dogs and cats and you can see dog portraits here, and cat portraits here. 

All Images are Copyright of Lorna Lancaster