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Horse, Dog and Cat Portraits in Pastels

There are many occasions where a portrait of your dog, horse or cat would be a fabulous and unique purchase. Prices start from £150 for an unframed single subject pastel dog portrait, and £200 for a horse.


Horse, dog and cat portraits make wonderful gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings or as a tribute to a dearly loved sadly passed pet, or just simply as a gift to yourself. Just fill in the contact form and I will get back to you and go through with you the process of commissioning a pet portrait. 

My paintings are not digital, photoshopped or prints, they are best quality artist's pastels on Archival pastel paper. 

I have been painting pet portraits for many years and have hundreds of happy and satisfied clients who have come back again and again many times over the years for me to paint their beloved horse, dog or cat.

My clients know I pride myself on getting a very good likeness of the looks, character and spirit of their horse dog or cat, and trust me to achieve that. I've owned horses, dogs and cats over the years so have good knowledge of their anatomy and characteristics. 

I can paint a single portrait, or paint two or more horses, dogs or cats together in a portrait or full figure painting from different photographs - although this will cost extra due to the work needed to create an initial composition sketch for your approval.


For further details and Prices see my Commissions page

For advice on taking photographs of your horse, dog or cat please visit my Tips on Photography page


I work in soft pastels and pan pastels on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper for my pet portrait commissions as they are more time efficient – no drying time or varnishing needed.

Skewbald Horse Portrait
Black and White Springer Spaniel pastel painting

My method of painting

My method of painting portraits (you can see more about how I produce my pastel portraits here) is pretty much freehand, as I know horses' and dogs' anatomy and characteristics so very well after years of painting different breeds, colours and horses that perform different disciplines.

I use best quality artist's pastels on pastel paper for my dog, horse and cat portraits. Pastel has such a lovely soft effect that suits the character of animal fur.


Knowing the anatomy means proportions and positioning of eyes and ears etc are correct. I start by sketching the horse or dog onto the paper then I move on to straight on to the eyes. Once I have done the eyes I start on the pet's head and shoulders/body.

Horse Paintings and Dog Paintings for sale.

Pastel and oil paintings for sale. 

I have sold many horse dog and cat paintings over the years. I started off on Ebay, and have had work re-sold on through fine art galleries. I now usually sell through online galleries and you can purchase my work either through my galleries on Artfinder, Art2Arts or 

I've owned dogs in the past and several horses on and off over the years and specialised and competed in dressage, so I understand the anatomy and the importance of conformation of horses well, so I can portray the subject faithfully. 

All Images are Copyright of Lorna Lancaster

Springer Spaniel Paintng